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I'm getting up to speed on using git with XCode but have run into a situation that I'm not quite sure how to handle.

I have a branch of my project "branchA" that has a build target base SDK of iOS 3.2

I have "branchB" that has been forked from branchA that has a build target base SDK for iOS4.2

I'm continuing with development on both branches, branchA with functionality that doesn't depend on SDK4.2 features, branchB for those features that do depend on 4.2

From time to time, I want to merge the changes made in branchA into branchB.
This of course results in some conflicts that I can easily correct -- except those that occur in the .xcodeproj file

How can I tell git not to merge the .xcodeproj file from branchA into branchB -- in essence, keep the .xcodproj file in branchB and ignore any differences it may have with branchA?

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As I detail in this SO answer, you can use

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Awesome -- thanks very much! I'm assuming that wildcard chars are valid in the .gitattributes file? i.e. If I want to 'keepMine' for all files in the .xcodeproj directory, I can use '* merge keepMine' ? (quotes added for demarcation only). Doing so appears to work as I expect, but I'm not familiar enough with the .gitattributes file. –  TomH Sep 24 '10 at 12:24
I think I found my answer regarding using * in the .gitattributes here: stackoverflow.com/questions/1910444/… Thanks Again. –  TomH Sep 24 '10 at 12:30

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