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my array looks like this:

[sx1] => Array
            [sx1] => Pain in Hand
            [sx1L] => Location
            [sx1O] => Other Treat
            [sx1T] => Type
            [sx1R] => Radiation
            [sx1A] => Aggrivate Ease
            [sx1D] => Duration
            [sx1I] => Irit
            [sx1P] => Previous Hx
            [SX1T_1] => CX
            [SX1T_2] => Shld
            [SX1T_3] => Trnk
            [SX1T_4] => Hip
            [SX1T_5] => 

I need to be able to search the array by a key, and then return the index of the matched item. For example, I need to search the array for the key "SX1T_1" and then return the index of that item in the array.

Thanks for any help.

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And what would be the expected “index” in this case? – Gumbo Sep 23 '10 at 20:22
the index for the key "SX1T_1" would be 9, because it is the 10th item in the array, and it starts counting at 0 – Emmanuel Sep 23 '10 at 20:23
"SX1T_1" is the index. – geon Sep 23 '10 at 20:30
Oh, thanks for the clarification, that just goes to show my lack of PHP knowledge! – Emmanuel Sep 23 '10 at 20:34
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You can use array_search on the array keys (array_keys) to get the numerical index:

$array = array(
    'sx1' => 'Pain in Hand',
    'sx1L' => 'Location',
    'sx1O' => 'Other Treat',
    'sx1T' => 'Type',
    'sx1R' => 'Radiation',
    'sx1A' => 'Aggrivate Ease',
    'sx1D' => 'Duration',
    'sx1I' => 'Irit',
    'sx1P' => 'Previous Hx',
    'SX1T_1' => 'CX',
    'SX1T_2' => 'Shld',
    'SX1T_3' => 'Trnk',
    'SX1T_4' => 'Hip',
    'SX1T_5' => '',
var_dump(array_search('SX1T_1', array_keys($array)));  // int(9)
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Perfect, that works great! Thanks a lot. – Emmanuel Sep 23 '10 at 20:26
$keys = array_keys($sx1);
$index = array_search('SX1T_1',$keys);
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If you don't want to use any functions and need to loop through the array anyway to search or match on a specific condition (especially usefully if your searches become more complicated), then you could use the below principle to go through the array and find the index of $mykey and put it into a variable $myindex. This code assume your index starts at zero, if you want to start at 1, then initialize $index = 1;.

$a = array(
    "one" => 1,
    "two" => 2,
    "three" => 3,
    "seventeen" => 17

$index = 0;
foreach ($a as $k => $v) {
    if ($k == $mykey) {
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