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Users will be filling a field in with numbers relating to their account. Unfortunately some users will have zeroes prefixed to the beginning of the number to make up a six digit number (e.g. 000123, 001234) and others won't (e.g. 123, 1234). I want to 'trim' the numbers from users that have been prefixed with zeros in front so if a user enters 000123, it will remove the zeroes to become 123.

I've had a look at trim and substr but I don't believe these will do the job?

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You can use ltrim() and pass the characters that should be removed as second parameter:

$input = ltrim($input, '0');
// 000123 -> 123

ltrim only removes the specified characters (default white space) from the beginning (left side) of the string.

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$number = "004561";
$number = intval($number, 10);
$number = (string)$number; // if you want it to again be a string
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ltrim($usernumber, "0");

should do the job, according to the PHP Manual

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But it will transform 1230 to 123. –  Felix Kling Sep 23 '10 at 20:49
trim will remove zeroes from the end of the string as well as the beginning. ltrim should be used instead. –  Richard Fearn Sep 23 '10 at 20:49
Yes, Felix is right, if you're going this route you need to use ltrim. –  Hammerite Sep 23 '10 at 20:50

You can always force PHP to parse this as an int. If you need to, you can convert it back to a string later

(int) "000123"
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You can drop the leading zeros by converting from a string to a number and back again. For example:

$str = '000006767';
echo ''.+$str; // echo "6767"
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