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If I am using a background image in an anchor tag as a menu, what is the best way to provide a text label equivalent for screen readers and SEO?

Assume the HTML is like this:

<h2><a class='menuItem1'></a></h2>

And the CSS is like this

.menuItem1 {

Should I use title="..." as well at alt="..." on the A tag? My test using the Lynx browser seems to only show a label if there is text in the A tag as well.

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There is no alt attribute for the a tag. This attribute applies to the img tag. – greg0ire Sep 23 '10 at 21:14
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alt only exists on the <img> tag. If your image is actually a meaningful part of the web page, and not just stylistic, then you can just use an actual <img> tag with an alt attribute.

Alternatively, you could put the actual text inside the <a> tag, and hide it using CSS. Since display: none will also hide it from screen readers, you would need to instead hide it with something like text-indent:-9999px;

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The alt attribute does not exist on the a tag. Thus, you should use title. Alternatively, you could create an actual image with the img tag and set the alt attribute for that.

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Try this:

<h2><a class='menuItem1'>Text to be only seen by screen readers</a></h2>

.menuItem1 {
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