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Practical GUI toolkit?

Hi, I'm just getting my head around Python, and have been building some stuff from tutorials, examples, etc. As my programs are getting more complex after a few weeks' tinkering, I'm getting overwhelmed by the pile of data my console is serving me (working on an app with lots of input/output currently) and would like to move into something a bit more visual to organize my feedback.

I've found a few visual modules, but it seems like tkinter is the standard/easiest to start with. I just need a configurable window, some text and basic shapes for now. Any heads up before I get my hands dirty (if it makes any difference - remember, I'm working on something that updates/redraws periodically)?


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If you are working with scientifical data you should check Traits and Traits UI

The Traits UI package is a set of user interface tools designed to complement Traits. In the simplest case, it can automatically generate a user interface for editing a Traits-based object, with no additional coding on the part of the programmer-user. In more sophisticated uses, it can implement a Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern for Traits-based objects.

It comes in the enthough python edition together with other, more conventional, modules for data representation (ie matplotlib) storage (ie pyTables...) and gui building.

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easygui is perhaps - no definitely the easiest GUI module for python I have worked with. A Google search shows that it can be downloaded from here. I installed my version a while back and don't need to use it too often and therefore am not sure whether the above download is what I have (it shouldn't matter too much), but if you have such concerns, then you can download the version I have from this page

Hope this Helps

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