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Since Mongoid.master.collection() returns a collection even if the collection doesn't exist, we can use

coll = Mongoid.master.collection('analyticsCachedResult')
if coll.count == 0
  # [...]

to test if it is an empty collection. Another method is to loop through

Mongoid.master.collections.each do |c|
  return c if c.name == 'analyticsCachedResult'
return nil

but is there a simpler way to detect whether it exists?

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Not sure how to do it through Mongoid, but in general you can query the system.namespaces collection for {name : "dbname.analyticsCachedResult"}.

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ah, thanks for the hint. This line works too: Mongoid.master.collections.map {|c| c.name}.include? 'analyticsCachedResult' although if Mongoid has such a call it may be better. –  太極者無極而生 Sep 23 '10 at 22:45

Using the mongo ruby driver, I extended the DB class:

class Mongo::DB
  def collection_exists?(collection_name)
    x = "#{self.name}.#{collection_name}" # e.g., "redbike_db.clients"
    nil != self['system.namespaces'].find_one({'name' => x})
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