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Twitter recently added hoverable multi-media "tooltips" -- when you hover over a username or avatar on your feed, it pops up (in-place) more details on the user (tweets sent/received, location, last tweet). It also includes a "Follow" button. There's a 'more-info' link which will load some more details on-demand.

I'd like to emulate how they're doing this-- which I think is a very elegant solution. There's a single empty/hidden div on the page, and on hover, that div is relocated to the appropriate place, display is set to "block" and populated with information (on-demand).

If I'm on the prototype/scriptaculous framework, is there a straightforward way of doing this same implementation? I don't have the ability to use other frameworks. Thank you in advance!


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You should check out Prototip - It offers an AJAX solution that does exactly what you want

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Opentip is an awesome and free opensource toolkit, which also allows AJAX pulling.

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