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I want load a video on flash, without a GET call to get the video... now the code is something like this:

var Player:FLVPlayback = attachMovie("FLVPlayback", "Player", _root.getDepth()-1);

the problem is when myVIDEO.flv are loaded, this URL appers on firebug... Someone can help me? Thanks Rodrigo

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Is this Actionscript 2 or 3? If its 3, my advice would be to use the Video class.

I don't understand what you mean by not using a GET call. And what URL in Firebug?

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It sounds to me like you are trying to prevent the user from downloading your video. You have concerns that the loaded content shows up as a request in Firebug, and perhaps the user can use that link to download your vids directly.

If you load ANYTHING, it will show up as a request in Firebug (or Charles, or any other http header viewing tool). I don't know of any way for you to load content without a GET request being generated. You will need to look into alternate methods for protecting your content (domain locking, nested containers, etc).

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