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I was trying to compile bochs the sh .conf.macosx worked but the make command resulted in InitCursor(), CreateStandardAlert(), RunStandardAlert() not declared in scope is there something obvious that I'm missing on.

Thanx in advance.

-- Srimanth

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This is the error message: logio.cc:522: error: ‘InitCursor’ was not declared in this scope logio.cc:542: error: ‘CreateStandardAlert’ was not declared in this scope logio.cc:543: error: ‘RunStandardAlert’ was not declared in this scope –  Srimanth Nandamuri Sep 24 '10 at 2:58

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Those are deprecated Carbon calls not available in 64 bit binaries. See here.

If the version of bochs you want to compile still depends on those obsolete calls, you need to compile it in the 32 bit mode. You should pass to the compiler and the linker the flag

-arch i386

to do that on an Intel machine.

After having written that I found that it's a duplicate question, see this SO question :)

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