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I have an assignment where I need to implement church numerals in SML using the datatype: datatype 'a church = C of ('a -'a) * 'a -> 'a

I have to write the function create :int -> 'a church and a function churchToint So far I have the following code:

datatype 'a church = C of ('a -> 'a) * 'a -> 'a
val ZERO = C(fn (f,x) => x)
fun subCreate 0 (f,x) = x
    | subCreate n (f,x) = f (subCreate (n-1) (f,x))
fun create n = C(fn (f,x) => subCreate n (f,x));
fun churchToInt cn = cn (fn x => x + 1) 0;

I know I am pretty close. Can you please assist me in implementing this correctly? Thanks

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You are right, you are quite close. There are only two minor mistakes in your churchToInt function:

  1. You're not unpacking the church numeral. I.e. you treat your argument cn like a function, but churchToInt should accept a C containing a function, not a function itself. So change it to fun churchToInt (C cn) =, to unpack the function via pattern matching.

  2. You're applying two arguments to the function using curry style, but C has been defined to contain a function taking a tuple. So instead of cn (fn x => x+1) 0, write cn ((fn x => x+1), 0).

With these two changes your code works fine.

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I did that however is still get churchToInt:int church -> int instead of 'a church. And in addition, when I run for example: create 5; I get: "Warning type cars not generalized because of value restriction are instantiated to dummy types (X1,X2,....) val it = C fn : ?.X1 church " – duby12 Sep 24 '10 at 16:14
@tester: Of course the type is int church -> int. If the type were 'a church -> int, you wouldn't be allowed to pass in a function of type int -> int. If the assignment really requires you to define a function of type 'a church -> int, I dare say it's not solvable - at least not with the given type definition. – sepp2k Sep 24 '10 at 20:38
but what about the function create, I mean it's working for example churchToInt (create 5) returns 5 but whenever I run create it keeps giving me that weird error – duby12 Sep 24 '10 at 22:20
@tester: It's not an error. It's a warning. If you want to, you can make it go away by giving it an explicit type. E.g. val myCn : int church = create 5 will compile and run without warning. – sepp2k Sep 24 '10 at 22:25

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