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Ok guys, so I'm making a scheduler.

So I have two tables so far, Shows with "title:string" and "description:text" and I also have ShowTime; with "show_id:integer", "day:string", and "show_time:time".

I did the has_many, and belongs_to, I honestly do not know where to go from here on,

I want a user to be able to add the times when creating a new show. What would I do? I was looking at some rails associations documentations, seems like I would be making something like,

@showtime = @shows.showtimes.create(:show_id =>, :day => DAY, :show_time => TIME)

Notice I put just DAY and TIME, because I also honestly don't know how I'll fetch this data.

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It really depends on your interface. But for simplicity, let's assume you provided two select boxes for selecting day and time, and have to add ShowTime one by one.

And assume you have rest resources:

map.resources :shows do |show|
  show.resources :show_times

The form: (given a @show object created already)

<% form_for @show_time, :url => show_show_time_path(@show) do |form| %>
  <%= form.label :day %>: <%= :day, [["Mon", "mon"], ["Tue", "tue"]], {} %>
  <%= form.label :show_time %>: <%= :show_time, [["Slot 1", "09:00"]], {} %>
<% end %>

You should provide your best way to generate the day & show_time arrays. They are in the following structure:

[["Text", "value"], ["Text", "value"]]

which will generate something like:

<option value="value">Text</option>

After the form is submitted, in your create action:

def create
  @show = Show.find params[:show_id] # this params[:show_id] is from the rest resource's path
  @show_time =[:show_time]) # this params[:show_time] is from the form you submitted

    flash[:notice] = "Success"
    redirect_to show_show_time_path(@show, @show_time)
    flash[:notice] = "Failed"
    render :action => "new"
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Hey Peter, thanks for you help. I guess I need to go read some more tutorials, because I don't understand half of the things you said. I don't have rest recources, So far, I only did the show & showtime scaffolds, migration, then added the "has_many" and "belongs_to". – Rickmasta Sep 25 '10 at 2:01
If you open your routes.rb, you should see two resources map.resources :shows and map.resources :showtimes. Scaffolds uses restful resources also. But I'm afraid it didn't generate nested resources for you. Is it the case? – PeterWong Sep 25 '10 at 15:15

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