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What is the real meaning of SOP (Same Origin Policy)?

I know it means that the Javascript code from one origin cannot accuess resources from another origin. But what exactly does the word "resources" mean? For example:

  1. Javascript code can access IMAGES from another site.
  2. Javascript code cannot make ajax request to another side.

But when you use JSON padding, after completing the loading of a padded script tag, the 3rd party script will call your specified callback -- Javascript code from one site is invoking a method of Javascript code from another. Does this violate SOP?

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There are several types but if we don't specify:

SOP refers to a mechanism that governs the ability for JavaScript and other scripting languages to access DOM properties and methods across domains

Here you have an excellent description of different types of SOP.

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JSONP gets around the Same Origin Policy by dynamically adding a script tag to the DOM and calling a predefined function with the remote web service's JSON data as the parameter. The tag is not subject to the same origin policy and therefore can request content cross-domain.

Just like how you can use Google's version of jQuery on your site without violating SOP, you can "include" a script tag that calls a predefined function on the data you receive back from a web service.

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