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Right now I have this GET request which works in Chrome but not in IE or FF.

      var dire = $(this).attr('dir');
   if(dire == "ASC"){
     var dp = "DESC";
   else if(dire == "DESC"){
     var dp = "ASC";
     var dp = "NA";


   var col = $(this).attr('col');

        $.get("getData.php?fake="+makeid(),{ status: "R", column: col, dir: dp},requestCompleteRecorded);

In my php file getData.php I should never get "NA" in the dir GET request. However for some reason in FF and IE I get "NA". Basically I'm just flipping the attribute and the variable dp goes straight into an attribute field.

So why does this work in Chrome but not FF or IE?

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dir and col are not valid html attribute. That maybe the reason for the error. try using class or rel.

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it turned out I couldn't use dir as an attribute, I switched it to title and everything is fine. –  Albinoswordfish Sep 24 '10 at 20:26

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