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I'm trying to add JFace source code on my Target Platform in Eclipse 3.6.

Many help page on the internet refers to a "Source Code Locations" tab from the Target Platform preferences page.

I do not have that tab on a fresh Eclipse 3.6 including RCP development (eclipse-rcp-helios-SR1-RC4-win32.zip). Here's a screenshot of my Target Platform preferences page : alt text

Any idea how add source code to my target platform ?

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Many help page might refer to that tab, but the Eclipse Helios page doesn't.
As far as I can see, this is no longer available with Eclipse 3.6.

You can add your source when exporting your plugin, but that is not exactly the same.

The "Generating Source Features and Plug-ins" is still there though.
It was the alternative mentioned by the old Ganymede Help page

Declared Source Locations

An alternative way to ship source code locations is to use declared (pre-defined) source locations.
This is done by using the org.eclipse.pde.core.source extension.
A plug-in defining this extension will be treated as a source location.
The extension point schemas and source archive(s) for a plug-in are located in a unique subdirectory under one of these source code locations.
The name and structure of the subdirectories must follow a specific convention.

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