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I looked through the documentation but couldn't find if there is a way to specify a timeout for async operations spawned when using @Async annotated methods using Spring 3.0.

Is there a way to do that? I think this is pretty essential whenever making triggering an async computation.

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Timeouts are not provided by the @Async annotation, since the timeout should be decided by the caller of the function, not the function itself.

I'm assuming you're referring to the timeout on an @Async-annotated method which returns a result. Such methods should return an instance of Future, and the get() method on Future is used to specify the timeout.


public Future<String> doSomething() {
   return new AsyncResult<String>("test");

and then

Future<String> futureResult = obj.doSomething();  // spring makes this an async call
String result = futureResult.get(1, TimeUnit.SECOND);
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but this method don't cancel the worker thread. Do you have any idea to cancel this thread? – pablobaldez Oct 2 at 19:05

In @Async source code is no option for configuration.

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