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for my opensource project I'm looking for a library to create a interactive menu on command line interface. Prefer java 1.5 to run it on any win/linux/mac platform. It would be nice this lib will use the Builder pattern.

Short specification:

Your are in my command line menu
1) create a new item
2) view the item
3) let to to the submenu
4) help
5) exit

press choice number and than <enter>

Yes, this is a simple menu framework, that resemble pioneering 20-years old menu interface. Yes, I can write it self, but I do not want reinvent the wheel.

Any advises will be much appreciated.

Thanks, Oleg

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While thinking about your spec, I was stunned by how it looks like a minor deviation to normal use of various command line parsing libraries (a good list can be found here).

Using that kind of library, when you enter the classical -h option, a list of available options/subcommands is usually shown. What happens if, in your case, commands are simple numbers ? Well, your required menu will show up.

So, a simple solution would be this :

  • define each command menu element as an option
  • at startup, show the command list and wait for System.in
  • When user enters a number and press enter, look for the desired option and execute associated code
  • Once it is done, show associated menu
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