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I have two URL's

url 1 =
url 2 =

I want to show a div(left) when PAGE URL is

In the page form.php I wrote the following code:

        var locate = window.location;

        if (locate=="http://localhost/school/form.php") {
        } else {

<body  onload="function()">
    <div id="left">

Why is this not working?

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ok what about php condition ... this is stupid... – jatt Sep 24 '10 at 8:18

Just make php condition


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$('#left').toggle(window.location.href !== "http://localhost/school/form.php");
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You need to make a show/hide function the proper javascript way. What you are doing at first with the (I assume) jQuery is beyond me - just declare a simple function containing the code you already have to show/hide and attach it to the onload-event.

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If you just want to hide the div when the query string is empty, you could use the search property of the window.location object:

      if ( === "") {
      } else {

Anything more complicated (i.e. a different div for each page value) and I recommend you look at regex

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You need to use the href proprerty of window.location object.

var locate = window.location.href,
myElement = $('#left');
locate == "http://localhost/school/form.php" ? : myElement.hide();

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