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is there a way to create/export a LAR from liferay server A and import this in liferay server B with a script or even a maven/hudson plugin? I'm using Liferay 6.0.5.

thanks, Stijn

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The best way to achieve what you want is to make use of scheduling for remote publication. You can find this option in the manage pages portlet.

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Keep in mind that you can deploy servlets in Liferay. I would package the war file as a "web" plugin as described in this article on Nabble in order to access the Liferay APIs. From here you could perform whatever units of work you want, of which exporting a lar file. Call the servlet URL with the appropriate parameters and you're g2g.

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You may refer to following Liferay resources to get details of Liferay API:

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Link only answers are discouraged, as links may go down in the future. If you could summarize the content of those links you'd but much more likely to attract upvotes. – Amicable Apr 22 '14 at 8:03

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