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I have an edit application view, and it can be found at the following URL:


1 equals the application ID.

Also on the page I have a link that goes to another view to add an assistant for the application. I want to pass it the application ID so that the new assistant can be "linked" to this application. How would I get the value of 1 and add it to my action link? This is what I have in my HTML so far:

<%: Html.ActionLink("Add New Assistant", "Create", "Assistant", new { applicationID = "id" }, null) %>

Please could someone advise?


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If you use the default routing settings


should do what you want.

you can also pass the id from the controller to the view using the ViewData

ViewData["applicationID"] = 1; //or ApplicationModel.Id or whatever

and use it in your view

<%: Html.ActionLink("Add New Assistant", "Create", "Assistant", new { applicationID = ViewData["applicationID"] }, null) %>

or in a strongly typed view use the viewmodel to pass the id:

<%: Html.ActionLink("Add New Assistant", "Create", "Assistant", new { applicationID = Model.ApplicationID }, null) %>
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