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I have a function in a child class which counts the number of SQL queries in a page load

In the child class which extends the parent class, after every: mysql_query($query);

I put parent::update_query_function();

where update_query_function() is:

function update_query_function(){



the $query_num variable in the parent class is not being updated. Why?

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Just a quick thought - I might be wrong - but if you have multiple instantiations of the child class, won't they each have a separate instantiation of the parent class and therefore a separate query count. Does that affect what you're trying to achieve? –  Brendan Bullen Sep 24 '10 at 11:50
It would do - yes. I need one concrete number for the total query count. –  Ash Sep 24 '10 at 12:32

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If your child class extends the parent class there's no need to do that, do this instead:


that's the point of inheritance.

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