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To display foreignkey data in my admin list view, I created a callable:

def next_date(self):
    EvDateObj = EventDate.objects.filter(event__id__exact=self.id)
    return EvDateObj

This shows in the list view as:

[<EventDate: 25 September 2010>]

Which is the unicode string for the EventDate model (25 Sept 2010), with some django-generated object stuff around it: [< EventDate ______ >]

If I modify the callable return statement to try and just get the date itself:

return EvDateObj.event_date 


return EvDateObj.event_date.strftime("%d %B %Y")

the admin list view simply shows:


Any thoughts? I am unsure how to proceed because I can get the desired object, but cannot access any of its properties without triggering the "(None)" result.

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Have you tried:

    EvDateObj = EventDate.objects.get(event__id__exact=self.id)

objects.filter() always returns a QuerySet (similar to a Python List), even if there is only 1 result. EDateObj.objects.get() will return an object.

Alternatively you can do:

return EvDateObj[0]

I haven't tried it myself, so hope this works for you.

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