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hey guys can anyone tell me how to read data from cache saved in microsoft velocity from classic asp?

if above is not possible, then what if i use memcache instead. then is it possible and worth it to read memcache from classic asp

thanks in advance

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The AppFabric caching client libraries are .NET-only, you can't use them directly from ASP.

You might be able to get round this if you were to write a COM-visible object in .NET (a facade, effectively) that you could instantiate in your ASP pages that would talk to the AppFabric cache.

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For memcached, I am looking in the following two examples below:

There is an enyim interop library that is available that looks like it will do the trick. The site below has decent documentation on how to get it working:


Or take a look at the following article which links to a library you might be able to use:


http://drcarter.info/2011/06/memcached-component-for-classic-asp/ (dead)

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The drcarter.info link is dead –  Marbella Consulting Aug 19 at 14:24

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