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I am trying to simulate a sequential call to couple of webservices by putting them under Interleave controller. Although I have unchecked "ignore sub-controller blocks", jmeter still runs only one of the controllers living under interleave controller and alternates it for each iteration. What I need is a sequential call to all .

Any help is appreciated. Cheers

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The Interleave Controller is running as it should do. It will alternate through one web service for each iteration

If you want a Sequential call to both web services on each request, then just put them directly under the Thread Group - without any logic controller or keep a Simple Controller

Unless I'm misunderstanding your question, why do you need the Interleave Controller?

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Thanks for the answer. Keeping them directly under thread group did not call them sequentially. You can try it. I currently have about 10 webservices (let us call them 1..10) some are heavy and some are light there by resulting in different response times. However, I would like to run these in order that is from 1 to 10.

Directly placing them under thread group did not call them sequentially, so I used interleave controller with "ignore sub-controller blocks" unchecked.

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This should be posted as a comment on my answer, and not a new answer. Try the Simple Controller - it should work. Interleave usage is incorrect in your case. –  JoseK Sep 28 '10 at 6:02

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