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I found that in recent version of Firefox, there was add a setting called "Open new windows in a new tab instead".

When I keep it on, all the pop windows(Using javascript "" function opened) opened in a new tab, which I realy need opened in a pop window(With settings like "menubar=no" and etc.). Some normal links with "target="_blank" attribute will open in new window if I keep it off.

So, is anyone here knows whether it's a bug or maybe I mistake someting?


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I was having the same exact problem, but only with Firefox (3.*+) after a certain date and only on my Mac (Windows machines worked fine). Finally, I used the guest account on my Mac and saw that Firefox worked properly, so I tried disabling all extensions, to no avail. Finally, I manually searched through the about:config properties for anything that looked suspicious or non-default. As it turns out, I think I must have installed an extension that tweaked the property to 0 (instead of the default of 2) - once I changed it back, all was well. See the following for a thorough explanation of this property - which seems to be unexposed through Firefox's other tab/popup/window UI options:

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For future searchers who find this question, there is a setting that you can toggle that opens all new windows in a new tab in Firefox.

Firefox Menu>Options>Tabs>Open new windows in a new tab instead - and un-check that check-box.

Switching between browsers for testing, I didn't realize there was that setting.

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I know what you mean, but see the link below:

Firefox Support / Knowledge Base / Options window - Tabs panel

It writes:

If you have chosen to open pages in new tabs, Firefox will ignore this optionpreference and will open a new window from a link if the page author specified that the new window should have a specific size, because some pages can only be displayed correctly at a specific size.

I mean, Firefox does not ignore my preference when I open those links created by javascript "" scripts.

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