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Trying to figure out how to get the null coalescing operator to work in a foreach loop.

I'm checking to see what a string ends with and based on that, route it to a certain method. Basically what I want to say is....

foreach (String s in strList)
    if s.EndsWith("d") ?? Method1(s) ?? Method2(s) ?? "Unknown file type";

In attempting to do this, of course you get the "Operator ?? cannot be used on type bool and type string." I know there is other ways to do it, just want to see how it can be done with null coalescing.

Have a good weekend.

@Richard Ev: Oh yes of course. Switch, if else, etc. Was just curious how it could be handled

@Jon Skeet: After reading your comments it hit me, this is just bad! I am interested in two file extensions basically. If a file ends with "abc" for instance, send to method 1, if the file ends with "xyz" send to method 2. But what if a file ends with an extension of "hij"...boom, you're done.

Thanks to Brian and GenericTypeTea as well for the thoughful input

I'm content calling it closed.

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Do what with a null-coalescing operator? Your example doesn't make sense. What is it meant to do? –  Jon Hanna Sep 24 '10 at 15:05
It's really not clear what you're trying to do. If you could write it in a different way (but with valid code) we might be able to help. We've no idea what Method1 or Method2 do, or what you want to do with the string "Unknown file type". –  Jon Skeet Sep 24 '10 at 15:05
It's important to note that you are not assigning the result of that statement to anything. Currently what you have will either evaluate to the return type of Method1 or the return type of method 2, or the string "unknown file type", but you are not doing anything with that result. Somewhere there needs to be an assignment to a variable. –  Daniel Joseph Sep 24 '10 at 15:11
I think that other developers in your team would rather you write slightly more verbose, but readable code, than try to shoehorn things like the ?? operator into situations where it doesn't really add value. –  Richard Everett Sep 24 '10 at 15:11
The "foreach" loop has nothing to do with it. It would help if you'd write out using "if" statements what you want this to do, and then we'll see if there's a more compact way to write it. This code as it stands does not make enough sense to figure out what you're going for. –  Eric Lippert Sep 24 '10 at 17:56

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It looks like you want to use the normal ternary operator, not null coalescing. Something like:

(s.EndsWith("d") ? Method1(s) : Method2(s)) ?? "Unknown file type";

This is equivalent to:

string result;
if (s.EndsWith("d"))
  result = Method1(s);
  result = Method2(s);
if (result == null)
  result = "Unknown file type";
return result;
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This would depend on Method1 and Method2 both being able to return a null (i.e., ref types not value types) –  Funka Sep 24 '10 at 15:37
@Funka, the result type of the ?? operator is a string so I think it's safe for Bob to assume that Method1 and Method2 are also returning a string. –  JaredPar Sep 24 '10 at 16:18

I think you want a combination of the conditional (ternary) operator and the null coalescing operator:

foreach (String s in strList)
    string result = (s.EndsWith("d") ? Method1(s) : Method2(s)) 
        ?? "Unknown file type";

In simple english, this will do the following:

If s ends with d, then it will try Method1.
If s does not end with d then it will try Method2.
Then if the outcome is null, it will use "Unknown file type"
If the outcome is not null, it will use the result of either A or B
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I think the compiler gave you the appropriate answer, you can't.

Null coalescing is essentially this if statement:

if(x == null)

A boolean value cannot be null, so you can't coalesce it like that. I'm not sure what your other methods return, but it seems like you want a simple || operator here.

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You should first use the ?? null coalescing operator to guard against a null s reference. Then use the ? ternary operator to choose between Method1 and Method2. Finally use the ?? null coalescing operator again to provide the default value.

foreach (string s in strList)
    string computed = s;
    computed = computed ?? String.Empty;
    computed = computed.EndsWith("d") ? Method1(s) : Method2(s);
    computed = computed ?? "Unknown file type";
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