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In the following example, is there a way to construct the object such that “b” has a property a1, initialised to “2”?

function A(a1) {
    this.a1 = a1;

function B(b1, a1) {
    this.b1 = b1;

B.prototype = new A;

var b = new B('1', '2');

I am basically trying to duplicate what would be known as “calling the base constructor” in a traditional object orientated language (such as c#).

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Like this?

function B(b1, a1) {
    A.call(this, a1);
    this.b1 = b1;
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That works. It will call A's constructor twice (once because of the line: B.prototype = new A;). I now wonder if I need the "B.prototype = new A;" line at all, since I never use instanceof. Thanks. –  zod Sep 27 '10 at 9:22

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