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I have a server where I use Microsoft CRM. MS CRM auto-generate web references. I take over someone else's application code (an application which connects to CRM). I expect to develop on my local machine, but the references they gave me are not up to date. I want to update them using the right-click/update on the reference.

But it requires a name/pass authentication. If I connect to the server normally, I can see the aspx page by the browser, but using the same link in my VS reference, I can't update with my server connection infos, it won't let me.

How do I have to proceed to update the references?

Thank you very much!

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"Update Service Reference" in VS actually uses svcutil.exe (or wsdl.exe which was the tool pre-WCF), to generate the proxy classes. Both have command line options that let you specify your authentication details, so you can use command-line to generate the service reference while specifying your credentials.

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