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If not, are there standards in existence for rules engine storage?


Is there a C# implementation of the Oracle Rules Engine syntax?

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I only have a little experience with Rules Manager and Expression Filter, and it's difficult to say if something is not based on a standard, but here's my reasoning:

  • Oracle seems to love talking about standards in their documentation. For example, there are many standards mentioned in the SQL Reference but there are none mentioned in the Rules Manager and Expression Filter guide.
  • As @Adam Hawkes mentioned, Oracle Business Rules Engine uses various standards, like JSR-94, and also the Rete algorithm. (But I'm in no position to judge how well they follow those standards.) However, Oracle Business Rules Engine and Rules Manager/Expression Filter are completely unrelated products. (Even though they're made by the same company and do almost the same thing.)
  • If there was a standard, someone on here would know about it and would have answered by now.

For similar reasons I'm also guessing the answer is No to the other questions.

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accepted as correct for the effort. Both current answers upvoted since both contributed. – Stephanie Page Feb 3 '11 at 17:37

The Oracle Business Rules Engine is supposedly an implementation of the Java "JSR 94" API. Not sure that there is a standard for the "storage" of the rules, but there is a standard for expressing/using the rules.

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