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How could I retrieve a list of all domains or URLs represented in google search results for a key term? In this particular case, we have a Google Search Appliance, and I am looking for results on only the domain with the gsa. Optimally, I'd like to retrieve a list of all subdomains of this domain that are returned from a search result.

For example, I search for 'software' using site:example.com There are 1500 results. I'd like to retrieve a list of just all subdomains that are returned in the result for that search, so e.g., foo.example.com bar.example.com ...

It'd be great if I could filter the results only for uniques while doing the search, but I can easily do this after retrieving the list.

I'm thinking perhaps this could be done using the ajax search API: http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxsearch/documentation/#fonje_snippets and if it could I'd like to do it in PHP as a first choice.

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