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I have two tables, employer and position:



I need to match my eID between the two tables, determine what the max salary is, and print only the eName. Any suggestions as to how I can do this? I have tried multiple ways, but nothing seems to work.

I am not sure where to put in the max(salary) function:

select eName
from employer, position
where employer.eID = position.eID
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What RDBMS and version? – Philip Kelley Sep 24 '10 at 19:34
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To get the name(s) of the people with the highest salary...

Using a JOIN:

  JOIN POSITION x ON x.eid = e.eid
  JOIN (SELECT MAX(salary) AS max_salary
          FROM POSITION) y ON y.max_salary = x.salary

Using a subquery:

  JOIN POSITION p ON p.eid = e.eid
 WHERE p.salary = (SELECT MAX(salary)
                     FROM POSITION)
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Thank you, this helped so much!! I am very new to SQL (just started learning it this week) and I forgot about renaming tables to create new ones. – user457666 Sep 24 '10 at 20:08

Join the tables, sort, and get the first one:

select top 1 e.eName, p.salary
from Employer e
inner join Position p on p.eID = e.eID
order by p.salary desc

(This returns the salary also, but you can of course remove it if you really don't want it.)

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select e.ename,p.salary
from employer e ,position p
where p.salary=(select max(salary) from position)
and e.eid=p.eid
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