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my program gives me this error, - Warning-PHP Function_start(); C:/PHp\tmp no such file or directory.

What do i do?

the session save thingy is pointing to windows temp.

Thank You

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Looks like a syntax error, can you post the code that's causing the error? –  jlafay Sep 24 '10 at 21:29

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This basically means, that PHP is trying to store the session data in a directory which doesn't exist. Make sure that C:/PHP/tmp is actually a valid directory.

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double check that the session save path (c:\PHP\tmp) is a valid directory. Also you can check php.ini and look at the session.save_path config option to see what it is set to. You might need to change it to another folder.

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Make sure your files inside that directory are not corrupted. Have you edited these files at all? Check if all the files are there what should be there.

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