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In this question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/42980/how-to-use-p4merge-as-the-merge-diff-tool-for-mercurial, Adam Rosenfield suggested to use launchp4merge to diff multiple files in OSX such that there is only a single copy of p4v running.

Is there an equivalent for linux? I ran p4v -merge -h and saw that it does not accept more than a single file pair at a time.

My goal is to have p4 launch a single process where I can view all the file pairs and then select a pair that will show me the diff in the same window. Is this possible?

Is there an alternative diff viewer that will allow me to view multiple file pairs simultaneously?

I know meld can do something like this:

meld --diff file1 file2 --diff file3 file4, etc. but is there a way I can do the same in p4v's mergetool?


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