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Hey, I know a little bit of jQuery now, but I'm still a bit confused with animations (especially when I have to add them to working script).

I have for example:

  if (i = 1) {            
                i = i +1
                $("#div p").css("left", "-" + width * i + "px");  

How to animate() margin adding? I'm trying and trying and trying...

     if (i = 1) {            
                i = i +1
                $("#div p").animate().css.("left", "-" + width * i + "px");  

  if (i = 1) {            
                i = i +1
                $("#div p").css(.animate("left", "-" + width * i + "px"));  



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Do you actually want the margin to .animate()?

$("#div p").animate({marginLeft: -(width * i) }); 

Or the left position?

$("#div p").animate({left: -(width * i) }); 

(No need for the "px", since that is the default for both of these. You don't need the quotes around the "-" either. You can send an integer.)

Keep in mind that if you're animating the left position, you'll need to have your css position set to relative or absolute.


Also note that in your if() statements, if you are trying to do a comparison, you need to use == or ===, as in:

if (i === 1) {...
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In the easiest way imaginable:

    left: "-" + width * i + "px"
}, 5000);

Also, when in doubt, don't forget to take a look at the official documentation:

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