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I am wondering if it is possible to self host a Firefox addon instead of going through Mozilla. I would like users to be able to install the addon from my website, and bypass the approval and hosting of Mozilla.

The reason is the addon would violate the updated review policy because of advertising. The users would know this, and the addon would follow the rest of Mozilla's policies fully (except for it is only useful for a very small niche).

Basically, the users will be rewarded in a web application (think runescape gold) for having small text-link ads from our partners/sponsors displayed during regular browsing. They will be able to turn off the ads whenever they want.

So heres the question
What do I need to do in order to have my addon installed from a regular website? Is it even possible? Is it illegal? Will Firefox allow it to be installed? Does it need a signature to be installed?

Moral Note:
This is something the users will want, choose, and be rewarded for. I know ads on browsers are evil, but every dog has its day.

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Yes, you can host an add-on anywhere; the user will be asked if they want to allow your site to install software. Whether it's illegal is a matter to discuss with your attorney.

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I think it would only be illegal if your site or add-on did something illegal by law. It's just that your add-on violates review policy which only affect publishing on Mozilla's site as I understand it. Mozilla does not forbid add-ons of any type as I know it - it's in the users' responsibility to take care of their systems. – Archimedix Sep 25 '10 at 0:39

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