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How can I convert TTF glyphs to .png files on the Mac for free? If there's some way to do this programmatically within a program, that would work too.

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Do you want to get a few glyphs? Or do you want to export all? – Yuji Sep 25 '10 at 2:23
I would like to export all of them. – TraxusIV Sep 25 '10 at 2:27

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imagemagick can fulfill this kind of requests, should works fine on Mac/Linux/Windows. :-)

convert -background none -fill black -font font.ttf -pointsize 300 label:"Z" z.png

if a batch convert is needed, maybe you can consider use a little ruby script called ttf2png .

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Not sure about how to do this on a Mac, but you should be able to just draw the text you want on an image. That, plus the font metrics, should be enough to create an appropriately sized image containing each glyph. From there it's just a matter of saving the images as PNGs.

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I've used successfully Textorize to "convert" dingbats truetype characters to PNG with transparency. This little piece of software is written in Ruby and needs to be executed from a Terminal window but it works fine. At least it's a starting point. Afterwards you may use a Paint software like Seashore to make your glyph PNG perfect !

The webpage for Textorize is here:

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This is a seriously late response. But better late than never.

You can use Glyph Designer from: I believe it has a trial version, but honestly the cost of it is so cheap and the ease of use is well worth it. Can't recommend it enough.

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