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I am by no means fluent in MYSQL. What I am trying to do is I have a table that has a list of Galleries with unique ID numbers. I have another table ImageData that has images that may be as many as 1000 that are related to each GalleryID that is in the first table. I want to do a select that will get 5 random records from each GalleryID. I am trying to do this without doing a loop and multiple hits to the database.

The tables are as follows Galleries -> GalleryID -> GalleryName

ImageData -> ImageID -> ImageName -> GalleryID

I hope this makes sense.

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What datatypes are your ID's and if they are numeric, are they something like Identity / sequences? –  InSane Sep 25 '10 at 3:59

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Hi Randy welcome to the club. Here is a simple and fast solution to your scenario. Enjoy

select g.GalleryName, i.imageName from Galleries g, imageData i, (SELECT gl.Galleryid from Galleries gl ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 5) m where m.galleryID = i.galleryID

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That wouldn't work--a sub select can only return one row of data; you're trying to put upwards of five. –  OMG Ponies Sep 25 '10 at 17:45

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