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which book is suitable for begineers and some links which can help in learning php

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Ruby wants to learn PHP ;-) – Shoban Sep 25 '10 at 9:22
I don't know such a place. All online tutorials are way outdated and lame – Your Common Sense Sep 25 '10 at 9:35

Php is very easy to get used to it. It's then the big step of moving on and using your knowledge to developing somthing completely new and without help.

But the best places that can help you is W3School and Tizag:

Tizag - PHP Tutorial

However, a book would help but, they are sometimes out of date as soon as they're published.

The best places for most people is a tutorial website, like the ones I have stated above.

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If you are completely new to it, i would have started with :

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If I want to skim a language,, i'll do a few tutorials online.

If I want to learn a language, I'll buy a book. If you're doing a lot of reading, paper still works best. Added benefit is that books are generally written by real writers (if you know what I mean). I also believe that the thought of investment is an extra drive to dig in (you've allready spent the money, so you'd better not let it go to waste).

I've got a weak spot for the beginner O'Reily books (Learning $languageNameHere, etc).

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You can start quickly in few days with the help of

simple and short also can try out examples live

simple and detailed docs with example

moderate but good

This links might be enough to start PHP....

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As a counterargument. If you're a complete beginner I would recommend against PHP as a first language. It has the reputation of being a very easy language to pick up (which it is) partly because it's a very 'loose' language in that it will allow you to get away with virtually anything. The result of that is there is vast amounts of frankly awful code available (in excess of 80% of what's in the public domain IMHO).

Consequently if you're teaching yourself it's very, very easy to fall into truly awful habits with the result your code will neither be easy to scale or easy to maintain. I've seen more than one self-taught coder - with much raw talent - who's produced unmaintainable spaghetti of which they have been inordantly proud because they've not known any better. Don't fall into that trap.

PHP can be written well, and I've seen some truly excellent code in it, but it requires the discipline of knowing what you are doing to overcome it's faults.

So two recommendations:

  1. Seriously consider Python or Ruby as alternatives. Both of these will tend to force you to acquire good habits. Python in particular is a joy.

  2. If you insist on PHP, then I would strongly suggest learning it in conjunction with an established framework such as CakePHP or CodeIgnitor (I would not suggest the Zend Framework as it's rather complex for a beginner, but YMMV on that).

Using a good framework enforces the discipline on PHP that is required to keep the code tight and maintainable. Code written with these is usually just a solid as that developed in a more elegant language.

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Visit and explore

or read book head first (Php & MySql)

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