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Can anyone tell me if it is possible to import .jpg files into MS Mappoint Europe 2006 ? If it is possible can this be done by an OCX control ?

I would like to import some aerial photography of an area into MapPoint to enhance the coverage of a small area,

Thanks for your time


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Not in an easy and meaningful way.

I have heard of people importing their image tiles as pushpin images, and then plotting these across the map area. This should work but the tile sizes will be scale invariant. Ie. the image will be messed up as you zoom in or out.

A more complex method is to use MapPoint in an ActiveX control and intercept all zoom/pan messages. Then use these to determine the current view area and projection. Then using Win32 GDI+ calls you should be able to overlay an image over the area of the ActiveX control (use alpha to set transparency). That is theory - it would take quite a bit of experimentation to get it to work, and it is probably easier to use an alternative implementation (or even an open source viewer).

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Many thanks for your answer. – IanW Jan 25 '11 at 11:14

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