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I'm just using a simple slideToggle function of jQuery. It works properly in my HTML file. But whenever I take codes into a ASP.NET WebForm project, script doesn't work. I can't achieve slide effect.

Is this a known issue? It's probably a popular mistake done by developers though. What could be the problem? Any possibilities?

(I didn't copy&paste any code because of I thought this is not a specific situation, but I can show codes if you want)

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Please do show code, it's probably IDs not being what you're used to when they get rendered. –  Nick Craver Sep 25 '10 at 11:05
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I'm guessing this is due to the unpredictable IDs of ASP.NET elements; there is fixed naming available in 4.0 (ClientID) - try using that with your #foo selectors? (where ClientID is set to "foo")

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I'll check it, thank you. –  scaryguy Sep 25 '10 at 11:13
Isn't unpredicable a bit hard since you can programatically get the real ID. –  Rune FS Sep 25 '10 at 12:45
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Try using a class on the html element rather than using the id and update your selector to use the class.

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