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I'd like to create WPF control which consists of few another controls. The main problem is how implement choosing right control depending on Model's type?

<!-- if DataContext.GetType() == Type1 -->
<Control1 DataContext = {Binding}/>
<!-- if DataContext.GetType() == Type2 -->
<Control2 DataContext = {Binding}>


How can i implement and design it well? My idea was to put there something like...

Control CreateControl(object dataContext) {
 if (dataContext.GetType() == TYpe1)
     return new Control1() {DataContext = dataContext}
 if (dataContext.GetType() == TYpe2)
     return new Control2() {DataContext = dataContext}    

But i don't know how can i invoke such method, which returns Control inside XAML...

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You can define DataTemplates in the resources, and use a ContentControl as a placeholder


<DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type model:Model1}">
    <Control1 />

<DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type model:Model2}">
    <Control2 />

(note that you don't need to explicitly set the DataContext)


    <ContentControl Content="{Binding}" />

It will pick the appropriate DataTemplate based on the type of the Content

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You can use a DataTemplateSelector for that case.

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