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I have developed a web application for mobile phones that uses JavaScript Google API. It works fine on any Android phone however on IPhone the map is not "dragable" - I can't move the map (I click on a map and try to move it but it stays the same as if I was trying to move a static image). I found some information pointing out that it is a bug on the IPhone side. If it is true - is there any workaround?

The application that I developed is used as a web application using JavaScript Google Maps API V3, not the IPhone application.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Best Regards, sass.

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Are you using click or touch events? The iPhone won't see clicks.

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I'm using Google Maps API V3 events. – sass Sep 26 '10 at 14:37

What is your Device ? All devices don't respond the same way ^^ (so, did you try on latest devices ?)

By the way, you could take a look at library ^^

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