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I am currently building an app and getting error in linking, here is a command,

CCLD   Programs/GtkBonker

Now I want see the Complete linking Command, Any help is appreciated.

I am using GNU Build System with c++ programming language, with Ubuntu 10.04.

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Would you please be a bit more specific? Which programming language and compilation toolkit are you using? –  dsign Sep 25 '10 at 12:57
@difnor.sign, I have now edited question. Thanks –  SunnyShah Sep 25 '10 at 13:07
Its tagged as libtool and it said CCLD so its pretty obvious that its C used with the GNU Build System. –  alternative Sep 25 '10 at 18:59

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If you want to see full commands or say want to disable silent rules in webkit,

There are two ways, you can choose the one which suites your scenario

1).you need to run make command with argument V=1,

like this.

make V=1

2). pass --disable-silent-rules in configure as an argument.

like this

configure --disable-silent-rules

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If it uses autoconf, it should be something along the lines of:

./configure --disable-silent-rules

to get the longer rules.

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It is --disable-silent-rules. –  SunnyShah Sep 25 '10 at 14:19
Oh, thanks. Editing that in, couldn't remember off the top of my head. –  alternative Sep 25 '10 at 18:58
Wait, if I recall, autoconf makes --disable-x a synonym for --enable-x=no –  alternative Sep 25 '10 at 18:58

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