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I have a command object in another package from my controller. I import it in the controller. I create and return an instance of this command from the create action:

def create = {
    def reportCreateCommand = new ReportCreateCommand() =
    reportCreateCommand.jrxmlFile = params.jrxmlFile
    return [cmd: reportCreateCommand]

But the save action closure doesn't instantiate an object of this command from the properties:

    def save = { ReportCreateCommand cmd ->
    if (cmd.validate()){
        def reportInstance = cmd.createReport()
    else {
        render(view:"create", model:[cmd:cmd])


Apparently cmd is null in the save closure. The command class has two properties name and jrxmlFile. From what I know grails should instantiate the command object in the save method from the params. Do I have to do anything else?

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you should not be creating command objects, I would need to see more code to understand why your save action is failing; and including the code from the command object would help – Aaron Saunders Sep 25 '10 at 14:57

I believe calling cmd.validate() is unnecessary, you should just call cmd.hasErrors(). The command object will be validating by default on creation of the object

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Yes, there is no validate() method on command objects. Just call hasErrors as suggestd by Aaron

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