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I get the above error when trying to run the code from Microsoft's Secure SOAP sample http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/s2ya483s.aspx

The call, from M'soft's code, seems to be correct:

Status = g_Sample_SecurityInit._SecurityFunc.AcquireCredentialsHandleA(
    NULL,                   // Name of principal    
    UNISP_NAME_A,           // Name of package
    SECPKG_CRED_OUTBOUND,   // Flags indicating use
    NULL,                   // Pointer to logon ID
    &m_SchannelCred,        // Package specific data
    NULL,                   // Pointer to GetKey() func
    NULL,                   // Value to pass to GetKey()
    &m_hClientCreds,        // (out) Cred Handle
    &tsExpiry);             // (out) Lifetime (optional)

Any ideas on how to proceed? FWIW, this is part of an SSL client, but I don't really need client side authentication.


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What OS are you running your client on? This file should exist in System32 for SSL: SChannel.dll.

If you are able or want to use .NET, there is a much easier way to go with SslStream class.

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