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I submitted a sitemap to Google and I got this error.

Incorrect namespace Your Sitemap or Sitemap index file doesn't properly declare the namespace. Expected: http://www.google.com/schemas/sitemap-image/1.1 Found: http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap-image/1.1

I thought that sitemaps.org was okay. I took it from Google's example:

Google's sitemap example

What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?

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Have you tried replacing




since that seem to be problem?

If you have and that didn't help, can you post your sitemap here? Include just a few url tags.

Update: This page may be of use: http://www.sitemaps.org/protocol.php. It's where I started when I wrote my first sitemap.

Another thought: In case you don't link directly to images or videos but only to html pages or php pages, you probably can remove




I'm not using that code in my sitemap, and it works as it should.

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Hi Matsolof, Thank you for the message. Actually, I did make the change that you outlined above. I changed sitemaps.org to google.com and it worked. It's strange that Google's own example used sitemaps.org. Thank you for you kind help. –  Laxmidi Sep 26 '10 at 1:55
It's not the first error I've encountered at google.com. I have a feeling that Google spend too much time growing and too little time improving. –  matsolof Sep 26 '10 at 10:26

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