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I can, on some of my systems, get my IP address (192.68.m.n format) by doing this:

addr = IPSocket::getAddress(Socket.gethostname())

...the trouble is that this only works if the name the local machine uses for itself is the name the DNS server associates with it.

How *&#( hard can it be for ruby to just return its primary interface's IP address? I have to do this in a platform-independant way or I'd just call ifconfig or ipconfig and parse it.

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Define "primary interface" please. What is the primary interface if the machine has many of them. – Keltia Dec 18 '08 at 22:29
An octet is just 8 bits. You clearly want more than that; better to say "address". – William Pietri Dec 7 '10 at 20:13
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See this question. Also see Socket.getaddrinfo()

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How about this

require 'socket'
ipaddr = UDPSocket.open {|s| s.connect(''); s.addr.last }

the IP address can be anything that is real (this is the I got for stackoverflow.com), but it should be an IP address reachable on the interface you want to get the IP address for. Since its a UDP socket, no connection is actually attempted, but it does try and figure out what interface to use.

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