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I would like to make a script that outputs only the real time value from the time command so I can plot the results. For example time command outputs

real    1m0.001s
user    1m0.000s
sys  0m0.001s

I want to write a script that outputs


How do I get just real time value from 'time' command in seconds?

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According to man time, the following should work:

time -f "%e" command

EDIT: call the time command with its path:

$ /usr/bin/time -f "%e" sleep 5


Without the path, it was using some bash's equivalent. With the path, it works for me.

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I'm sorry, I am on a mac, and that outputs bash: -f: command not found – Matthew Sowders Sep 25 '10 at 20:44
EDIT: works with /usr/bin/time – eumiro Sep 25 '10 at 20:49

If you're using the Bash builtin time, set the TIMEFORMAT variable to %R:

$ time sleep 1
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great one, thx! – pjvds Mar 16 at 11:13

BASH FAQ entry #32

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Alternatively, use /usr/bin/time or take a look at the similar question
Using time command in bash script.

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