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I am trying to have some controls appear when you push a button and have it disappear when you press a different button. Right now the HUD is comprised of an image view, and some custom buttons in a UIView called "credits". I've managed to have it disappear using:

[credits removeFromSuperview];

How do I have it reappear?

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If it's just a UIImageView, you should...

[self.view addSubview:credits];

... assuming you've not released it already. On a side note, there is a really good HUD for iOS here: http://github.com/matej/MBProgressHUD

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I believe you can just set the view to be hidden

[self.view setHidden:YES];

While it's hidden, you can also update the view and then show again

[self.view setHidden:NO];
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You'd better set their hidden property to whether YES or NO

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This method will toggle the UIView credits hidden property

- (void) toggleCredits {

[credits setHidden:![credits isHidden]];

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