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I would like to extract pdf field names from a locked pdf file. When viewed in Acrobat Pro, I cannot edit. When viewed in notepad field names are not descernable.

In case you want to try.. see here.


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This is probably a question better posed to superuser.com –  userx Sep 25 '10 at 22:06
there may be a programmatic solution. –  hank williams Sep 25 '10 at 22:18

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I loaded the PDF into FoxIt Phantom (www.foxitsoftware.com) and exported the Form Data to an FDF file. After a quick search and replace in a text editor to strip the unwanted data I came up with this list.

indiquez3 neq nenr cache1 cache2 indiquez2 choixA gererImpotSocietes gererSourceIndiquez2 date1 autreNom1 nomCom1 autreNomCom1 mme appCom1 numeroCom1 rueCom1 villeCom1 provCom1 text_listeCodeCom1 libCodeCom1 listeCodeCom1 gererListeCom1 cpCom1 cpCom1_A cpCom1_O appAut1 numeroAut1 rueAut1 villeAut1 provAut1 text_listeCodeAut1 libCodeAut1 listeCodeAut1 gererListeAut1 cpAut1 cpAut1_A cpAut1_O appAut2 numeroAut2 rueAut2 text_listeCodeAut2 villeAut2 provAut2 libCodeAut2 listeCodeAut2 gererListeAut2 cpAut2 cpAut2_A cpAut2_O tel1 tel2 tel3 tel4 poste1 date2 telAut2 telAut3 langue1 langueAut1 dateAut2 dateAut3 dateAut4 caseFusion prenom1 mmeA1 nas1 gererChoixA app1 numero1 rue1 ville1 prov1 libCode1 listeCode1 cp1 cp1_A cp1_O gererListe1 text_listeCode1 telAut1 posteAut1 prenomA1 nasA1 appA1 numeroA1 rueA1 villeA1 provA1 libCodeA1 listeCodeA1 cpA1 cpA1_A cpA1_O gererListeA1 text_listeCodeA1 telA1 posteA1 mmeA2 nomA2 prenomA2 nasA2 appA2 numeroA2 rueA2 villeA2 provA2 libCodeA2 listeCodeA2 cpA2 cpA2_A cpA2_O gererListeA2 text_listeCodeA2 telA2 posteA2 mmeA3 nomA3 prenomA3 nasA3 telA3 posteA3 text_caseTaxe caseTaxe appA3 numeroA3 rueA3 villeA3 provA3 libCodeA3 listeCodeA3 cpA3 gererListeA3 text_listeCodeA3 cpA3_A cpA3_O caseRet appT numeroT rueT villeT provT libCodeT listeCodeT cpT gererListeT text_listeCodeT cpT_A cpT_O caseImp appR numeroR rueR villeR provR libCodeR listeCodeR cpR gererListeR text_listeCodeR cpR_A cpR_O appI numeroI rueI text_listeCodeI villeI provI libCodeI listeCodeI gererListeI cpI cpI_O cpI_A description case4_2A case4_2B case4_2C case4_2D case4_2E case4_2F case4_2G case4_2H date3 dateTaxe1 ttlVentes case5_3B gererCase5_3B case5_3B2 case5_3B3 case5_3B4 dateTaxe2 case6 case7 nom1 nomS fonctionS dateSource dateS gererCase6 nomA1 numero indiquez4 indiquez1 cadreB gererCaseImp gererCaseRet gererCaseTaxe cadreDoc prenez1 text5.3A text5.3B choix5 gererTaxes gererChoix5 text_choix5 cadre1A cadre1B cadre1C cadre2A cadre2B cadre2C text_caseImp case5_3A1 case5_3A2 case5_3B1_1 case5_3B1_2 text_choixA E case4_2I case6A case6C case6B case6E case6G case6H case6I case6J case6K case6L case6D case6F blanc fondBlanc

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Another option would be to use a PDF library such as www.QuickPDF.com or www.itextpdf.com to read each form field and return you the name. It would be simple to write a program to iterate through all Form Fields and fill in the value of the field with the field name and then save the PDF so that you have a visual reference of each field and it's name. –  Andrew Cash Sep 26 '10 at 12:13

Am I missing something?

Acrobat Pro -> Forms -> Export Data (xml)

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