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CPython is bytecode interpreter?

My question is:

Does Python use a compiler, an interpreter or a combination of them?

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cpython uses VM: docs.python.org/glossary.html#term-bytecode –  Anycorn Sep 25 '10 at 23:05

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Python uses a virtual machine aproach (as PHP, Ruby, .NET languages etc), python implementation uses a compiler to create intermediate language that is executed on a virtual machine.

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yes it use an interpreter, just run the .py and then it will be ecxecuted! if you want to compile your script to run on another machine as a .exe program you can compile it with th py2exe library

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-1 it uses a compiler and then executes the bytecode on a virtual machine. look at the dis module from the standard library –  aaronasterling Sep 26 '10 at 0:26

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